Easy 2-way SMS for Marketo

Get a 98% open rate

+ wickedly high clickthrough rates.

Integrate SMS into your Marketo Campaigns
SMS not only has a 98% open rate, but 90% of messages are read within just three minutes. Beat that, email ! There's no junk folder either.

Easy setup
We’ll do all of the setup in one day Ready for your use the following day. There’s zero impact on any other systems.

Easy to use in your program
Send an email ›
Wait. No response? ›
Send a reminder email ›
Wait. No response? ›
Send an SMS.

Status updates and responses flow into your Marketo program
Want to know if the SMS was delivered to the handset? You can – all from inside of your Marketo.

Fully Supported
Easy SMS integrates with Marketo via the API - so Marketo Standard and above is supported.
Get started today!
In your Marketo instance.
Within a few days we can install an SMS capability inside of your Marketo. Simple.

Uni or bi-directional
Uni: Informational SMS for an event reminder or a package delivery.
Bi: send and listen for a response. Your Marketo program can respond accordingly, in real time!
Zero IT involvement
We will install a live SMS engine inside of your Marketo.
No limits. No thresholds.
Big [think TV reality shows] or Small [think dentist], we have packages to suit all volumes.
As easy as adding a flowstep...
See how easy it can be to integrate SMS into Marketo.