Create beautiful assets, fast
Bespoke landing pages built for your brand, all without leaving Marketo
Templates 2 Go
Better than any automated template builder, Templates2Go will ensure your team can hit the ground running. 
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  • Our ready-made responsive landing page templates, updated to fit your brand guidelines
  • Installed directly inside your Marketo instance
  • Customize your layout - for your colours, fonts, add your logo and start creating assets
  • IDEAL FOR: the Marketo user who wants no frills, just great looking, responsive templates with minimal fuss and to 'get going with Marketo'

About Power LP
Semi or Fully-Customised
A module selection of your choice, designed and developed to align with your brand.

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  • Based on your needs - you make your "module" selection from our layout catalogue or work with our designers to build these from scratch
  • There's no limit to the number of modules
  • We design, develop and test, then install inside your Marketo instance. After delivery, you maintain from then.
  • We will guide you through our rigorous design, development and UAT process We will train you on how to edit and maintain your templates and provide documentation for reference
  • IDEAL FOR: the Marketo user who wants total control of their layout and who wants to *really* make an impact with pages that align seamlessly with their brand.
About Power LP
The must have feature for your Landing Page templates

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Level up your Marketo Landing Page experience with PowerLP. Re-order, switch, hide and edit the modules on your landing pages, without leaving the editor!
About Power LP
Our Unique Development Process

Embark on your template journey with peace of mind knowing that every asset developed by BluprintX ANZ is of the highest quality standard. Our team will work closely with you from start to finish, ensuring all your needs are met.

We want to create you a lasting and practical template and will work with you to get it just right. Our development process includes: A lead Designer, Project Manager and team of full-stack and front-end developers working alongside your Marketing and Design teams. 
All templates developed by BluprintX ANZ go through rigorous testing processes before they come to you. Our testing process includes cross-platform deliverability testing, de-bugging and three rounds of user-acceptance testing.
Part of working with BluprintX ANZ ensures that when the project is complete, you and your team are confident in using your templates to their full ability. Together, we will walk you through multiple rounds of user acceptance testing. When complete, we review the template setup, editing features and image specs as well as provide a hand-over session to ensure maintenance of your templates through best-practice.
Our master template is set up inside your Marketo instance, giving your Marketing team total control over digital asset creation and eliminating the need for a third-party platform. This template will be the only template you will ever need.
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